today, evening at hall. I saw you again, i felt like im nothing, i cant breath as normally, i cant see anyone but you, i can feel the trees really fresh at that time. Yeah you came into my beauty heart with ur postiveness. I love you, a lot. I cant hold this feelings anymore, as you been busier than before i never talk with gendut-pendek time. HAHAHAHA i miss yewh btw, i love when youre using your antique parfume, this smell its so youuu… I love when you busy with ur activity as a leader, thank God i can see you again! :)


Your Musya.

Thankyou buat sahabat sejati temen ngebolang sama sama dari SMA!!! Suka bgt kadonya!! 😍😍😘 with M Oktario, Wahyu, Vita, Tiara, Muthia, and Syahni – View on Path.

Ganjel-an Paku

Dulu pernah ada sedikit ‘yang nganjel’ pada diri kami, sakit hati bercampur emosi, hingga tangis dan tawa tak bisa dibedakan lagi.

Sekarang, when it comes to something yang berbeze, pasti teringat kembali hal ‘yang nganjel’ itu.

Malam jadi saksi bisu ke tidak-bisa-tidur ini.

Mengapa semua begini, memendam yang tak harusnya di pendam, menanam benih yang harusnya tidak di tanam. 

Tuesday, 8.00 at Bandara SMB II Palembang. Jemput seseorang yang telah lama tidak di jumpai, satu tahun mungkin tidak mencium aroma rambut dan badannya. Namanya Regina. Setelah menunggu sekitar 1-jam untuk di jalan dan melepas kangen. Akhirnya kita melewati semuanya. Buka bareng, Nginep, Nongki-nongki, Sahur bareng (yang baru tahun ini bisa sahur bareng), Karaoke, Sanja, Nginep lagi, Nginep, cerita-cerita, ngebolang sampe BKB, tiket parkir ilang, foto di ampera. Waktu egin nginep di kamar, kita ga bisa tidur sampe jam 11an terus inisiatif buat dengerin lagu pake headset di hape samsung kecil, lagunya nostalgia semua. Eh keputer “Need You Now” dan air mata pun menetes. Ga tau, ga bisa cerita banyak perasaan waktu malam itu, sedih sekali rasanya ditinggalkan sama orang yang kita kasihi mungkin satu tahun lagi bisa bertemu. Ga di sangka 10 hari terasa lebih cepat di banding yang di perkirakan. 

Malem ini, Friday Aug 1, 23:25. Air mata netes lagi.

Ga sanggup gin :(

Because I care about your feelings more than mine

Im typical person who always care at everything. Even though your crush tell the story about yours, I do care. Maybe from start care at people such as Start something small. 

The bigger the dream the harder it is to accomplish so I take baby steps. It’s the little things that count and in time, they will grow to something bigger. Maybe I could being care by people out there, too.

Sometimes that feeling always kills. I want to be that person too, maybe its not the right time, i will wait till the end of time for it :)


The first ramadhan without uni. I miss my childhood. When Ramadhan become be a thing looked forward to by me. I remember when I went to Mosque and not for prayer but playing dakochan with my friends and felt in love with someone (eh i dunno why maybe its only monkeys’ love).

 And…. tonight, i was wondering about person who i just saw it in Mosque. he’s tall, have a good sense in fashion (while its baju kokoh), not-so-white, i still remember how he saw me from that bulilding (because in Islam women and men cannot be together). Ahhhh lovely night. See you in another sholat, Anak pak RT. :) 

Your, M.


Halo, Palembang. It’s been long time not to sleep at my lovely tummy bedroom. I knew the colour of my coom has changed since my sister’s wedding. Pink-purple to white. Okay. Maybe my mom want me to be a classy girl, not girly girl. *hell yeah*

I had a great journey, though.

It was 10:50 in long queues in airport immigration. Until time show 11.05.

My heart skip a beat.

I drag my suitcase in a hurry don’t care about people see it. My body feels heavy burden to carry the burden of life for carrying a laptop and other valuables things.

Until i got a finish line in front of me.


Kind person

Its the second posting, the second treat, second ice cream, and the second person who gave me Ice Cream. Actually its my second semester too. Uh ohh am I the lucky girl? I think so. Thanks a lot, ya. ☺️

Crying is the best way while you are in sad.

If i could, i want to go to that place. Looks nice. No one can bother you.

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The next three days


I start to write while everyone is sleeping. Tomorrow will be the last war that I sould fight for win. It is not about why people always leave  or everybody’s changing, it means i had finished my First semester (first year) collage in this University. Imagine that! 

Home. i wanted to go home soon. 3 days left. I have to wait it. Its time to see my moma,dady,abang,uni and everybody that missing me already. 

Its how it works.

We become what we think about. - Earl Nightingale

Always draw that positive energy towards yourself. You think, therefore you are. Don’t complain about everything, find faults in everyone or harbor a pessimistic attitude. Be strong in your pursuit of happiness.

brave by sara (cover) 

“that moment when you are walking and thinking about someone and that person exactly beside you. SURPRISE!”